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TEDxSJEC is a platform that brings together curious, creative, and progressive thinkers from St. Joseph Engineering College to have a conversation about this year's theme: Ember. Featuring a dynamic group of speakers from diverse backgrounds and experiences who aim to impart inspiration and intellectual acceleration to young adults, enabling them to rekindle the dying fire and open up a world of opportunity by taking these students on a thought-provoking journey.


Mr Zeeshan Ramlan Director & Head HR - CoinSwitch

Mr. Zeeshan Ramlan is the current head of HR at Coinswitch Kuber and a global HR Leader with 14 Years of experience in the fields of HR Business Partner, Employee Relations, Diversity & Inclusion, Engagement, and Talent Acquisition. He has been an integral part of Intuit India’s Journey to becoming India’s No.1 Company. In his time at Infosys, he led change management programs and helped business leaders create an engaged and productive workforce. In 2018, he was honored with the Global Top 100 Diversity and Inclusion Leader Award by the World HRD Congress. He is also a Certified Diversity and Inclusion Professional. He has always been passionate about social work and founded The Ramlan Foundation which has changed the lives of thousands in the past 7 years.

Mr Nitin Vas Founder of PaperSeed

Mr. Nitin Vas proudly refers to his team at Paper Seed CO as social entrepreneurs, as their primary stride is towards contributing to the local economy and they ensure environmental safety on their path. He started the Paper Seed Co in 2017 invigorated by the Gandhian philosophy of the swadeshi economic paradigm, which preaches local production and consumption. They began by creating seed papers and later created seed pencils, pens, and even toys made from paper pulp. Almost every product at paper seed is handcrafted and made from recycled materials and with minimal exposure to chemicals. Arguably their most notable product, the Seed Masks were launched in March of 2021 to overwhelmingly positive response. He had the opportunity to impact society and make it a better place, and he took the initiative to do so.

Ms Neha Harish Architect | Asia's Young Designer Awardee

Neha Harish, a Bengaluru-based architect, was selected as Young Sustainable Designer 2020 of Asia in a transnational competition. Her architecture portfolio demonstrates both her enthusiasm for the field and the principles she gained while studying. Her presentation, Requiem for Tolerance, which links architecture, homelessness, and memory to demonstrate tolerance as a solution to the loss of identity experienced by displaced migrants during times of civil war, economic upheaval, and international wars, was named Best Sustainable Design among 13 finalists from across Asia at Nippon Paint's Asia Young Designer Award. Her work has been recognised for its significance at the intersections of architecture, displacement, and living memory.

Dr. K. K. Sarma Elephant Man of Asia | Padma Shri Awardee

Elephants are abundant in India and Dr. K.K. Sarma is one of those responsible for ensuring that this species lives and thrives gracefully in our country's north-eastern region. For ten years, an admired veterinarian known as the "Elephant Man of Asia'' worked without a weekend off, rehabilitating 600 elephants each year. Making a vital contribution to Asian elephant conservation, his passion for these animals, combined with his adventurous personality, drives him to aid every elephant, regardless of location. He was the first individual in Assam to use tranquiliser darts to quiet elephants, saving their lives as well as the lives of humans in adjacent villages. Given the opportunity to repair and restore, he was able to have a significant impact on society.

Dr. Chhavi Dawar Child rights activist | Social educator

Chhavi Dawar, a 30-year-old child rights activist and a social educator from Hyderabad is on a mission to ensure no child goes through the trauma of child sexual abuse. "Break the silence" is an initiative started by Ms. Dawar conducts sessions that aim to encourage victims and their families to speak out and denounce and has so far conducted more than 150 sessions. Being a victim of child abuse herself, Ms. Dawar has used the experience and trauma she went through to be a personal safety educator. She had done a course with TULIR, a non-profit organisation that works on the prevention and healing of child sexual abuse in India. With the help of TULIR, Ms. Dawar has trained nearly 2000 teachers and parents regarding child sexual abuse and what they can do about it. "Childhood should be safe" is what Ms. Dawar believes in and she continues to fulfill the goals of her initiative.

Ms Shivangi Sharma Travel Content Creator

Shivangi Sharma who goes by her social tag "The Vagabond Lawyer" is a jack of many trades. This Chandigarh-born lawyer finds solace in exploring new places, soaking in their cultures, and telling tales to more than 77 thousand followers through her digital media presence. Shivangi has mastered the art of balancing not one but two full-time careers juggling between an ardent practicing lawyer and a travel enthusiast. India being an uncharted territory for solo female travelers, she has not only covered 200+ cities globally but has empowered her social community by providing cheap and safe travel routes. Today, this brand that Shivangi created for herself stands tall and is reached out by the government for collaborations. Her story speaks of the courage one owns in taking small steps to enlighten the ember within themselves.

Dr. Kamini A. Rao Physician| Padma Shri Awardee

Dr. Kamini A. Rao is a pioneer in the field of assisted reproduction, just as Mozart is in classical music. She received the Padma Shri award for her excellent clinical and scientific career in reproductive medicine, with a focus on reproductive endocrinology, and ovarian physiology. She specializes in gynecology and obstetrics, as well as infertility therapy. She believes in self-reflection, family orientation as well as setting aside time for yourself and loves spending time with the youth. Her areas of special interest include assisted laser hatching, high-risk pregnancies, in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and in vitro fertilization - embryo transfer (IVF-ET). Regardless of her hectic schedule, Dr. Kamini is usually seen with her family.

Mr Sirish Govardhan Social Worker | NSS National Awardee

Mr. Sirish Govardhan hails from Bengaluru, a diverse and inclusive city filled with opportunities. He is a passionate traveller and an engineering graduate, and is currently working as an Executive Assistant to the second-youngest Member of the Parliament in the 17th Lok Sabha. He believes that every positive change can create a big ripple in the society’s framework. He has been involved in social service for the past six years. His engagement and services in the National Service Scheme (NSS) led him to be being honored with the NSS National Award (2019-20) by the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind and the State NSS Award (2019-20). Sirish is also an entrepreneur, a long-distance cyclist, and a people person. In his free time, you will find him catching up on some much-needed sleep.


Ms Remona Evette Pereira Bharatanatyam artiste

Remona Evette Pereira is a dance prodigy who was quoted to have achievements beyond her age by the Prime Minister of India. This Falnir native is the recipient of Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar 2022 along with 105 accolades for her art form at the national, state, and district levels. Remona was in the grind from an early age of three, having mastered the classical art of Bharatanatyam against all odds, she now aims to teach this art to underprivileged children. This young dancer considers herself as a channel to spread the color and richness of our culture across the world.

V Minor Cross-Genre Musicians

V Minor is a band that blends Indian and Western music styles using instruments like the harmonium and tabla to reproduce classic western tunes. This six-piece band typically performs English and Bollywood music, giving familiar songs a desi touch. Girls Like You (by Maroon 5) and Radioactive (by Imagine Dragons), two of their most successful versions, were recognised by both bands on Twitter. They have gone on to perform at the Google conference in Macau representing India and have toured Singapore. This boy band compromises of Sidharth SKP (Harmonium), Zubin Imtiaz (Guitar/Percussion), Fidal (Piano/Vocals), Pranav Ramachandran (Violin), and Nithin Ramachandran (Pianist) and together they hope to keep innovating, experimenting, and spreading joy via their music.

Ms Anu Karagada Content Creator

We come from a time when we were hemmed in by our surroundings, with the only source of entertainment being the digital world. Anu Karagada, an Instagram content creator located in Bangalore, hails from this sector. She creates relatable sketches that depict one's day-to-day life as an Indian in a comedic manner. Her work as a video creator has a positive impact not only on those around her, but also on people all over the world.

Ms Ranjitha Yellur Yakshagana Artiste

Ranjitha Yellur is a multifaceted individual, who has excelled in arts, sports, and academics. She is a Yakshagana artiste, Carnatic singer, athlete, and a debater. She hails from a family of artists and is trained in Yakshagana by her father and Yakshagana Guru, Shri Ramachandra Yellur. She is also a trained Carnatic Singer having passed Junior grade exam in Shastriya Sangeetha with distinction and Completed senior grade exam in 2019. Ranjitha was trained in Carnatic singing by Shri Krishnaraj Nandalike. She is a recipient of many laurels at regional and national levels. Ranjitha is the recipient of the DK Rajyotsava award for Yakshagana. She has had the honour of performing Yakshagana in the Rashtrapathi Bhavan - New Delhi. Ranjitha was recognized by the DK Kannada Sahithya Academy and Kalkura Prathishtana’s Prathibha Award and was also entitled as “Kalarathna '' by the Bramhakumari’s Ishwareeya University. Ranitha was awarded the Yakshakalaradhana, Yaksha Prathibha, and Kuriya Prathishtana Vimshathi award for excellence in Yakshagana.

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